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Although Malta is a small island it is becoming increasingly busy (especially in the summer) and this makes the short distances feel much much longer.

Buses are usually reliable but a bad day will leave you frustrated that it took you so long to travel a such distance. Buses travel mostly to/from Valletta meaning you usually need 2 buses to travel. Weekly or monthly will help reduce the costs.

If you rent a car you have more freedom but driving in Malta is not for the timid and good luck finding a parking space anywhere popular.

As a general rule, try to find accommodation close to your work/study or on a single bus route.

Malta Public Transport
Buses are one the easiest and cheapest ways to explore the island. You can buy tickets on the bus and pay the driver in cash. Please have small change available. Tickets are also available for weekly and monthly travel.

Bicycles, car hire & taxis
Most places in Malta can be reached easily by bicycle and there are various places where you can rent bicycles. Some agencies will deliver the bikes to you.


There are various car hire companies in Malta that rent cars by the day or week allowing you to explore the island. Ask us for details or look up a local company from the Yellow Pages online: www.yellow.com.mt/headings/Car-Rentals 

In Malta we drive on the left hand side of the road. You need a driving licence to drive a car and a motorcycle licence to ride a scooter or motorcycle. All motor vehicles require valid 3rd party motor insurance.

Parking is free on most streets, but only between the white parking boxes. Do not park in the yellow boxes or on double yellow lines. Most Valletta parking is for residents only so please use the public car parks.

School licences & accreditations

Malta Tourism AuthorityMalta ministry of education license numberRecognize by csnRecognize for bildungsurlaub