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You won't go hungry in Malta..Food is a national pastime. Almost every street has somewhere to eat or buy food!

Most food of all international types is now available to eat or buy in Malta. If you are looking for something traditional, here is a list of traditional Maltese specialities:


  • Żebbuġ Mimli (pitted green olives stuffed with tuna mixture)
  • Fażola bajda bit-tewm u t-tursin (White beans with parsley, garlic and olive oil)
  • Ful bit-tewm
  • Bigilla (mashed "Tic beans "known in Malta as "Ful Ta' Ġirba" (Djerba beans))
  • Galletti (Maltese biscuit)
  • Bebbux (escargot)


  • Brodu (beef or chicken broth)
  • Minestra
  • Kusksu (vegetable soup with small pasta beads called kusksu and fresh broad beans in season)
  • Soppa tal-armla (vegetable soup with fresh cheeselets and beaten eggs)
  • Aljotta (fish soup with plenty of garlic, herbs, and tomatoes)
  • Kawlata (cabbage and pork soup)

Pasta and rice

  • A slice of timpana
  • Imqarrun (a Macaroni casserole baked with bolognese style meat sauce and egg.)
  • Timpana
  • Ross il-forn (baked rice)
  • Għaġin Grieg (small pasta beads with minced pork and cheese)
  • Froġa tat-tarja (fried omelette with vermicelli pasta)


  • Stuffat tal-fenek (rabbit stew)
  • Fenek moqli (fried rabbit)
  • Braġjoli
  • Laħam fuq il-fwar (steamed slices of beef)
  • Falda Mimlija (stuffed flank of pork)
  • Laħam taż-żiemel (stallion meat, usually fried or baked in a white wine sauce)
  • Zalzett tal-Malti (a short, thick sausage made of pork, sea salt, black peppercorns, coriander seeds and parsley)
  • Mazzit (Maltese blood sausage)


  • Grilled Calamari
  • Lampuka
  • Stuffat tal-qarnit (octopus stew)
  • Qarnit bit-tewm (octopus with garlic)
  • Klamari mimlija (stuffed Calamari)
  • Pixxispad (fried swordfish)

Eggs and cheeses

  • Ġbejna (a small round cheese)
  • Froġa (omelette with ġbejna, broad beans or meat)
  • Balbuljata (scrambled eggs cooked with tomatoes and onions)

Vegetables and sauces

  • Qargħa Bagħli Mimli (Stuffed marrows)
  • Qarabagħli mimli (stuffed courgette)
  • Brunġiel mimli (stuffed aubergine)
  • Bżar mimli (stuffed peppers)
  • Patata l-Forn (baked sliced potatoes)
  • Kapunata
  • Aljoli (arjoli) (Maltese Aioli which contains no egg)
  • Qaqocc Mimli (stuffed artichokes)

Savoury pastries

  • Pastizzi
  • Spinach and Pea Qassata with salted tuna, anchovies and herbs
  • Torta tal-irkotta (ricotta pie)
  • Sfineġ (vegetable, fish or cheese fritters);
  • Pastizzi
  • Qassatat
  • Torti tar-ross u l-qargħa ħamra (rice and pumpkin pie)


  • Ħobża tal-Malti
  • Ftira (a Maltese flatbread)
  • Ħobż biż-żejt u t-tadam (bread with olive oil and tomato)
  • Ftira Għawdxija


  • Qagħaq tal-ħmira
  • Qagħaq tal-ħmira (soft sweet bagel shape cake with a hint of aniseed, topped with sesame seeds)
  • Imqaret (deep fried diamond-shaped pastry)
  • Kannoli tal-irkotta (ricotta filled fried crisp pastry tubes)
  • Ravjul moqli (sweet toasted ravioli)
  • Torti tat-tamal (date and cocoa tart)
  • Torti tal-marmorat (almond and chocolate pie)
  • Ħelwa tat-Tork (nut studded sesame seed and sugar halva)
  • Pudina tal-ħobż (baked bread pudding with raisins and cocoa powder)
  • Prinjolata (Carnival sweet, made of biscuit and sponge cake covered with frosting and decorated with glacè cherries and melted chocolate)
  • Kwareżimal (Lenten almond biscuit scented with the zest of orange, lemon and Maltese mixed spice, cinnamon and orange blossom)
  • Ftira tar-Randan (Lenten honey drizzled squares of crisp deep fried pastry)
  • Karamelli tal-ħarrub (Lenten hard candy flavoured with carob)
  • Figolla (Easter icing-coated biscuit stuffed with a mixture of sweet ground almonds called intrita)
  • Ħobża ta' San Martin (sweet bread roll, sweetened with mastic associated with Saint Martin's Day)
  • Qagħaq tal-għasel or tal-Qastanija (Christmas sweet rings made from a light pastry with a filling made of treacle,honey, semolina, citrus zest, cinnamon and cloves)
  • Għadam tal-mejtin (Pastry shaped in the form of a bone filled with almond paste)
  • Zeppoli


  • Ġulepp tal-ħarrub (Carob Syrup)
  • Imbuljuta (Chestnut, Tangerine zest and Cocoa Drink)
  • Kafè (coffee boiled with aniseed, cinnamon sticks and/or rosewater)
  • Ruġġata (a drink made from cinnamon, vanilla, bitter almonds, sugar, water and milk similar to Italian 'orzata')
  • Te fit-Tazza (A local variety of Builder's Tea, traditionally served with condensed milk and sweetened in a glass)
  • Kinnie (A bittersweet soft drink)
  • Bajtra (a prickly pear-based liqueur)

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