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Our extensive range of English courses are run by an international team of dedicated and highly qualified English teachers who are also native speakers of the English language.

Chris Reene

  • Chris Reene


Please tell us about your teaching experience.

''I’ve been teaching since graduating from Uni in 1998 so I have many years of classroom experience under my belt. In the UK I teach 11-16 year olds in a Secondary School in south-east England. I have taught Science but now I teach languages full-time. In Malta I teach English as a Foreign Language to people of all ages and I’ve been doing this since 2011. I love my job in both countries!''

Please tell us what you love about Malta.

''I adore everything about Malta from its people to its climate and from its ancient history to its modern history. There’s just so much to see and do on such a small set of islands. A simple swim in the sea is my ultimate pleasure though. I encourage as many people as possible to visit Malta to experience the place first-hand.''

Please tell us your favourite Alpha School student memory.

''It is difficult to pick out just one moment in my teaching career that is the most memorable but something I get a buzz from every time it happens is when one of my students understands something clearly for the very first time. It is like turning on a light. They are always happy and it makes me feel happy too. It’s extremely rewarding and such a feel-good moment. Brilliant.''

Sarah Guttridge

I’m Sarah. I was born and raised in the UK where I studied for my BA (Hons) Degree in Childhood Studies. I have worked in Education for over 10 years in a multitude of different roles including as a Teaching Assistant and Cover Supervisor. I have always had a huge passion for travelling as well as my love for teaching. I really value what I do and having worked in schools for a long time, I decided to combine my two great passions and became an EFL Teacher in Malta (a place close to my heart and somewhere I have always holidayed with my family) working for the fantastic Alpha School of English

Maria Mifsud

My relationship with Alpha School of English (Malta) began way back in September 1992 when my family had hosted a Swiss couple. Since then, we’ve hosted hundreds of other students – some more than once! I’m a people’s person and love meeting people from different countries and cultures.

When in July 2015 I embarked on my teaching career, Alpha was obviously my first choice. I haven’t looked back since! I consider the classroom a stage – the lesson a performance. … Butterflies in my stomach before each and every lesson no matter the level.

At Alpha School we have a good number of return students. Earlier this Summer I was setting up class in 1A, when, from nowhere, someone rushed to hug me with such force that I nearly lost my balance, all the time shouting ‘Miss Maria, Miss Maria!!’.A lovely 9 year old girl remembered me from 4 years back and was happy to see me!

Rewarding reasons why I love teaching!

  • …a student correctly using a grammar point I’ve presented earlier in the day/week….
  • …a message reading: “before you I not like English, now I like English”….
  • …an email asking: “do you remember me? I miss you”….
  • And of course, Alpha is a small school with friendly staff!

Fun Alpha School Facts

  • Over 90% of our regular teaching staff are British, American, Australian or South African
  • We teach students from over 40 different countries every year
  • We've been offering English + Sports courses for 30 years
  • We pioneered English courses for Families in Malta and cater for children from the age of 2
  • 99% of our students would recommend Alpha School to a friend
  • We offer over 20 different sports
  • Over 100 different activities
  • 18 different types of accommodation
  • We have a multi-national office team with full and part-time staff and interns from Malta, the UK, Australia, South Africa, Italy, Ukraine, France & Germany
  • Alpha School used to be called the St. Paul's Bay English Language Centre
  • We were the first school to open in the north of Malta - way back in 1991
  • We offer in-house training for our teaching staff with a teacher trainer from the UK who visits Malta twice a year
  • We have a reputation for being the friendliest school in Malta!
  • We update our website every single day!

School licences & accreditations

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