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Meet our Teachers

  • Teachers

Onze Engels cursussen worden gegeven door een internationaal team van toegeweide docenten waarvan de meesten Engels als moedertaal hebben.

April Howes

  • April Howes


Please tell us about your teaching experience.

''I started teaching at Alpha School of English in early 2009 and although I enjoy teaching very much I now tend to spend more time in the office than in the classroom as there is such a lot of organisation to do.''

Please tell us what you love about Malta.

''The weather.''

Please tell us something you really want to say.


Chris Reene

  • Chris Reene


Please tell us about your teaching experience.

''I’ve been teaching since graduating from Uni in 1998 so I have many years of classroom experience under my belt. In the UK I teach 11-16 year olds in a Secondary School in south-east England. I have taught Science but now I teach languages full-time. In Malta I teach English as a Foreign Language to people of all ages and I’ve been doing this since 2011. I love my job in both countries!''

Please tell us what you love about Malta.

''I adore everything about Malta from its people to its climate and from its ancient history to its modern history. There’s just so much to see and do on such a small set of islands. A simple swim in the sea is my ultimate pleasure though. I encourage as many people as possible to visit Malta to experience the place first-hand.''

Please tell us your favourite Alpha School student memory.

''It is difficult to pick out just one moment in my teaching career that is the most memorable but something I get a buzz from every time it happens is when one of my students understands something clearly for the very first time. It is like turning on a light. They are always happy and it makes me feel happy too. It’s extremely rewarding and such a feel-good moment. Brilliant.''

Fun Alpha School Facts

  • Meer dan 90% van ons docententeam is Brits, Australisch of Zuid-Afrikaans
  • We ontvangen studenten uit meer dan 40 verschillende landen elk jaar
  • We bieden al sinds 1991 Engelse- en sportcursussen aan
  • We zijn de pioniers van Engels cursussen voor families in Malta
  • 99% van onze studenten zou Alpha School aanbevelen aan een vriend
  • We opende onze dependence in Gozo in 2014
  • We bieden meer dan 20 verschillende sporten aan
  • We bieden meer dan 100 activiteiten aan
  • We hebben 18 verschillende types accommodatie
  • We hebben een multinationaal team op kantoor met full-timers, part-timers en stagiaires uit Malta, het Verenigd Koninkrijk, Polen, Frankrijk & Duitsland
  • Alpha School werd vroeger St. Paul's Bay English Centre genoemd
  • Wij waren de eerste school die werd geopend in het noorden van Malta – in 1991
  • We bieden thuistraining voor ons lesgevend personeel met een docententrainer uit het Verenigd-Koninkrijk die Malta twee keer per jaar bezoekt
  • We hebben de reputatie de vriendelijkste school van Malta te zijn

School licenties & accreditaties

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