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Adult students

On the first day of their English Course adult students must arrive at the school at 8:00h.

Students will then be asked to complete a detailed written assessment test which will help us to place them in a class at the correct language level.

The course timetable is organised so that the students receive a balance of different types of lessons which include general conversation activities such as debates, discussions and role-play, as well as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation exercises.

Adult students are given 45 minutes to complete their test.  Due to the time it takes to mark the test, and to allocate the student to the correct language level, it is possible that the student may miss one or more lessons on the first morning. For this reason, students can also choose to complete their assessment test at home and email it to our Director of Studies before their arrival in Malta. Students who choose this option should come to school at 08.45h on their first day.

Junior students

Junior students should come to school between 07.45h and 08.00h on their first day. It is essential that students are on time.

On their first day at school students are usually shown the way by their Host Families. Students will be given a written assessment test which they should complete in 45 minutes. Following the completion of their test, the students are invited to join our Welcome Meeting which is held on Monday mornings at 09.00h in our Roof Garden.

During the meeting, students are introduced to their group leaders and given a Welcome Booklet which includes a map of the area, emergency and useful telephone numbers as well as information about excursions and activities. After the meeting, students are invited to join our group leaders on a short orientation tour of the area. Lessons will start after the orientation tour.

Fun Alpha School Facts

  • Over 90% of our regular teaching staff are British, American, Australian or South African
  • We teach students from over 40 different countries every year
  • We've been offering English + Sports courses for 27 years
  • We pioneered English courses for Families in Malta and cater for children from the age of 2
  • 99% of our students would recommend Alpha School to a friend
  • We opened our Gozo Annexe in 2014
  • We offer over 20 different sports
  • Over 100 different activities
  • 18 different types of accommodation
  • We have a multi-national office team with full and part-time staff and interns from Malta, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Italy, France & Germany
  • Alpha School used to be called the St. Paul's Bay English Language Centre
  • We were the first school to open in the north of Malta - way back in 1991
  • We offer in-house training for our teaching staff with a teacher trainer from the UK who visits Malta twice a year
  • We have a reputation for being the friendliest school in Malta!
  • We update our website every single day!

School licences & accreditations

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