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Working for the Alpha School of English was a great experience.


Working for the Alpha School of English was a great experience. I could practice the skills I learned at university and see a lot of the Maltese islands. The Alpha team is really friendly and helpful. It was nice meeting you all!

"   David Putzke (Germany), Alpha School Internship Programme

The teachers really helped!

"Martha and Brandon are young and very nice teachers. They are funny and play games with us, but they also teach us how to write or speak English. I really like the time here in Malta!"   Leon Bloch (Switzerland), Vacation English

Will never forget Alpha School!

"The time at Alpha School was really nice and I will never forget it!"   Sven Klopsch (Germany), General English / Family English

Great motivation in lessons!

"My teacher knows how to motivate the group and she helps people to participate fully in the lessons. I like studying with people from different countries in the same class."   Ana Elorriaga (Spain), General English

Professional teaching!

"The best thing about the school is the teachers. The teachers I met are very good and professional."   Maria Luisa Prada (Spain), Business English Mini-group

Good understanding!

"I love Malta. I’m here with both of my grandsons – one is in the Play School and one taking a junior course. At first I couldn’t understand what was being said but now I can understand everything much better."   Marianne Meyer (Germany), Family English

Great environment to be in!

"I decided to study English to find a job, because in Italy, many interviews are in English. I like the classroom environment, the atmosphere within the school and the teachers. I'm really satisfied with my lessons and the teachers are very good. I would recommend Alpha School because my time here was very good and I will definitely return to Malta!"   Gianna Pellegrino (Italy), General English

Great teaching!

"I am studying English here because I have been given an Erasmus grant through my University where I teach in Spain. My teacher is very good and I enjoy it here very much. It’s a good experience."   Sara Diez Riaza (Spain), Family English / General English

Just as good as the time before!

"It’s very good at Alpha School, with professional teaching. I have been here before so I am happy with the school."   Olga Evtyagina (Russia), General English

I have a better knowledge of English now!

"My teacher helps me to understand English better. I would come back again to Alpha School in the future."   Elena Dyatlova (Russia), General English

A good standard!

"There are only pluses here. Everything is well-organised, including the excursions, and lessons are well-prepared with modern and interesting material."   Elena Zozulya (Russia), General English

The best of both!

"It’s very interesting to have this opportunity to mix a holiday and English language learning. My daughter doesn't usually want to mix her vacation with learning, but this week at Alpha School she hasn't complained at all. We've had the afternoon to visit the beach. It’s nice for my daughter to make friends and for me it’s nice to relax."   Daniele Maffiotti (Italy), English / Family English

Good teachers!

"Good teaching competencies!"   Cinzia Zarda (Italy), General English

Thanks for everything!

"Thanks for my lessons. I like the group work best."   Vadim Razuvaev (Russia), General English

Well maintained!

"I wrote to several schools in Malta, but Alpha School's website was good and contact from staff was quick and so I decided it was a great place to come. It’s not a big school and everything is under control."   Irina Varlakhina (Russia), Family English / General English

I enjoyed my time here!

"My teacher is nice. Alpha School is good!"   Elena Ivanyushina (Russia), Family English / General English

Good time at Alpha School!

"I enjoyed my course at Alpha School. I would like to come back, maybe next year. The teachers are very friendly."   Irina Batievskaya (Russia), General English

Thank you!

"We found Alpha School on the internet. It is a good school. I understand more English now. There's a lot to remember. I would recommend Alpha School to my friends. Thank you very much!"   Andrey Gritsenko (Russia), General English / Family English

Now I have new friends in Switzerland


Thank you very much. I had a good time with my Swiss friends, my new friends and the teachers.

"   Cyrill Gysin (Switzerland), Junior English

Very friendly host family!

"It was very nice here. For me it was the first time that I was alone in another country, so it was a hard, but also a good experience. The school helped me to pass this week without any problems. So thank you. It was great because when you arrive you are very nervous and scared about the family, but not here, they are very, very welcoming and friendly."   Theo Muringer (Germany), General English

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