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Igor Ilin, surgeon from Russia


Learning English was a personal initiative. As a surgeon, I wanted to be able to read and understand international medical reviews; so for me, English is important on both a personal and professional level although it won’t especially promote my career or salary.

I came to Malta with my wife and my daughter for a Family English Course. The three of us are having classes at Alpha School. I chose Malta because it’s a cheaper destination than the UK or the US and it’s not too far away. My family and I also wanted this trip to be a vacation. And Malta, with its good weather and the sea, is a great place for holidays. We really like the sea which we don’t have where we live in Russia. We all really liked Malta and the Maltese people.

We pre-booked with Alpha School an Activities Pack dedicated to families and with it we attended several excursions: Mdina, the Catacombs, beach trips, the Malta Nights Extravaganza dinner and show, etc.

I really liked my English lessons. The teacher is nice, she’s patient and speaks slowly. My wife and my daughter also appreciated the school and the English lessons. I would recommend Alpha School and I plan to talk about the school on Russian forums!

"   Igor Ilin, surgeon from Russia

Allina Merzlikina


I chose to come to Malta because I wanted to experience a new place. I was able to get an extended visa and come here for 6 months to learn English. I found Alpha School through a tourist agency in Russia. I have experienced many positive things at the school. I found the teachers very professional and they have helped me to progress to the next level. I really enjoyed my interactive lessons. When I arrived at the school I thought that I had a good level of English but I quickly discovered that there was so much more to learn! Thanks to my teachers, I’m now able to speak and write more fluently. This has been such an achievement for me.

I like Malta – especially the historical places like Mosta Dome and Mdina. They are beautiful. The people are extremely friendly and the food is wonderful. Valletta is also a favourite place of mine and I've been there on many occasions.

"   Allina Merzlikina (6 months) from Russia

Patricia Molina Garcia, Conservationist, Spain


I’m learning English because it’s very important for communication and in order to find work. If you learn English you can speak with everybody in every country in the world. I came to Alpha School because it was recommended on an internet forum. The staff at the school are very friendly and they helped me in anything I needed. The school is also very quiet and great to study in. I can’t think of anything that needs to be improved! The staff are great and it is situated in a perfect location. I think Alpha School is a fantastic school!

This is my first visit to Malta. I came here because I wanted to experience a warm winter. It’s also a very quiet and relaxing country, and English is an official language. I also attended a conservation project with GAIA group during my stay here. The Maltese people are also very friendly  and very family oriented. The beaches and seas are also incredibly beautiful. I was also impressed by the amount of different people you find in Malta, I met people from several different countries. I will definitely come back to Malta – I liked everything – even the pastizzi! They’re a fantastic treat! Everything is possible in Malta!

"   Patricia Molina Garcia, Conservationist, Spain

Marianne & Christine Wilbert


I learnt English at school and also in my company, but now I'm just doing it for fun because I'm here with my daughter on holiday. In fact it was my daughter who suggested taking an English course together. I'm very satisfied with my English lessons - they are similar to what I've experienced at home. The level is good for me. My daughter and I both like Malta - it's a southern European country with English-speaking people which is perfect. It’s cleaner here than I expected and I really liked Mdina. The colour of the sea is beautiful.

"   Marianne & Christine Wilbert

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