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Wakeboarding / Waterskiing Taster Session

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  • Wakeboarding
  • Wakeboarding & waterskiing

Wakeboarding is to waterskiing what snowboarding is to downhill skiing. Both offer an adrenalin rush as you are whisked out of the water by a powerful speedboat and challenged to keep your balance and fight the waves as you are pulled around a picturesque bay on the end of a long line.

Wakeboarding and waterskiing sessions are held in the north of Malta in Mellieha Bay. The session begins with a basic instruction to water-starts, balance and safety. Heading straight out onto the water, each participant gets to try until they manage to get out of the water and stay upright. With practice, the skill of getting out of the water is perfected then followed by practice in staying up and how to handle turns and waves.

After a few sessions, most students will be confident enough to attempt to jump by hitting the wake at speed and springing into the air...how they land depends on their courage, skill and sense of balance!

Prices subject to fuel surcharges.

Prices & dates

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